We help a small Bangladeshi girl to study

We have become members of The „Bang Baby“ programme…

…Let join us and help

The „BangBaby“ programme is focused on continuous support and improvement of life of poor Bangladeshi children. We are speaking about the remote sponsorship which is often designated adoption. Our programme is concentrated above all on support to education of children. Thanks to the donors, “ADRA Czech Republic” ensures education for the children, whose parents or guardians are unable to settle school fees and the costs connected with education.

Though a greatest attention in the programme is paid to education, it also comprises the necessary foodstuff, reconstruction and medical assistance.

Marma Ukranu

- she would like to become teacher
- her favourite subject is mathematics
- her family is poor, only the father works (income of the family is not enough for settlement of the school expenses for Ukranu, though the family owns a piece of land for cultivation)
- Ukranu has a younger brother, whose name is Lachingbue

Favourite subject:

  • English language
  • Natural Science
  • Bengali language
  • mathematics
  • geography


  • coin collecting
  • stamp collecting
  • gardening
  • bird studying
  • music
  • drawing and reading


Marma Ukranu



Marma Ukranu


Marma Ukranu


Marma Ukranu 2014



Marma Ukranu


Marma Ukranu
Marma Ukranu
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